Do you have a project that you've been sitting on for months, making little or no progress? Want to get it off your plate?

Let ME help you

Develop Your Project 

The no-stress solution for Getting your project finished 'properly' (with no loose ends) in a fraction of the time

I will build, fix or troubleshoot your project

If you just need something DONE without investing endless hours researching, hitting dead ends and endlessly experimenting until you figure it out, then I can help.

From Excel spreadsheets to Word templates to slick PowerPoints, I'll get the finished product in your hands quickly, ensuring you meet your deadlines and maintain your high standards.

'Done-with-you' means I'll sit with you (physically or virtually), you tell me what you need and I'll build it in real time. Because I've been doing this a long time, I may use techniques or shortcuts that you are not familiar with, but I'll explain everything as we go. Sometimes all you need is the framework, and you can take it away and put flesh on the skeleton.

'Done-for-you' means I take your instructions and ideas and develop the product without you being present, so you are free up to work on other activities. Sometimes a project may take several hours, days or even weeks to complete but I will check in with you when I need clarification or a decision made. I will also update you as the build progresses. On completion, I'll provide notes that will explain my approach and important instructions or memory joggers that will be useful moving forward.

A timeframe and budget will be agreed up-front. For larger projects, payments are made in 3 instalments.

There's a well known business saying: "You can either spend money, or you can spend time and energy. Either way it's gonna cost you something." Spending money is an investment. It frees you up to do what you do best. It's a good trade. But spending time and energy just burns you out 

To illustrate, I recently took on 3 projects.

The first project was for a guy who had wasted 3 years trying to set it up a 1000+ page course manual correctly. It was a real mess but I got it formatted beautifully and running efficiently in 42 hours. That's one work week, give or take!

The second and third projects were for 2 different ladies in the US. One needed a complicated legal document straightened out. The other needed to complete a union handbook. Both had impending deadlines. Both had spent months going around in circles and were at their wits end looking for a lifeline. Both projects were completed and signed off in less than 5 hours.

Does this sound like you?