Microsoft Excel Courses

Microsoft Excel Courses

Leverage The Power Of Excel
To Slash Hours From Your Workload

Beginners Excel Course  (1 Day)

This one-day beginner’s course is designed for users who have had little or no exposure to Microsoft Excel. It teaches the basic techniques that are required to put together a basic worksheet.

By the end of this course, participants will have the tools to enter a variety of data, create simple formulas, format the worksheet, create simple charts and be able to edit, save, retrieve and print their work.

Intermediate Level Excel Course  (1 Day)

The intermediate Excel course is our most requested course. It is designed to improve a user’s productivity within Excel and contains the most popular, most useful and most commonly requested topics.

It teaches the real ‘guts’ of what Excel can do – the features that can be used straight away and every day, regardless of what type of business you are in or what type of data you use.

You'll master techniques to achieve quick results and you’ll learn how to produce slicker, more efficient workbooks that are better laid out, more consistent and easier to maintain.

Advanced Excel Course  (1 Day)

The advanced Excel course covers the top-end functions of Excel and is aimed at experienced Excel users who work with large spreadsheets with lots of data and require methods to better handle and maintain this data.

Popular topics such as pivot tables and macros are covered in this course.

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Additional Intermediate/Advanced Topics

(available if you want us to create a custom course for you)

The standard intermediate and advanced Excel courses hit the nail on the head for most people.

However, you are welcome to select any combination from our additional list of topics and any of our standard courses to create your own custom course.

We can accommodate all requests. Customisation is 100% free.

Let us deliver a powerful course with useful content that you or your staff will actually use. Tailor the training around your own specific needs and requirements.

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