Microsoft Troubleshooter & Builder

If you want something built quickly (e.g. a template, document, spreadsheet etc.) or you just need a fresh set of eyes to help you troubleshoot a problem, then

No fix - No charge

Microsoft Troubleshooter

Have you ever been floored by a problem so seemingly impossible to solve that no amount of Google research or friend-pestering gets you closer to an answer?

Have you ever watched in awe as an expert goes click, tap, swipe, done?

If you need urgent help with your problem, I can normally identify the source of the issue quickly, and if I can't, I know where to start digging. That's the beauty of bringing in a specialist Microsoft troubleshooter.

I can get misbehaving documents working, bring consistency and polish to PowerPoint  presentations and fix broken Excel formulas.

Whatever you need, let me know. We can meet in-person or virtually.

No fix, no charge.

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