Roving Trainer

(Also known as 'Corporate Troubleshooter', 'Floater' or 'Floor Walker')

The ultimate way to get 1-on-1 training
 for Each Person in your office

Mark's team just did an in-house Excel course in their own boardroom. Not only did they save $2,970 but they didn't even have to leave their own office.

A roving-trainer will help everyone in your office eliminate their gremlins.

A roving trainer will answer any questions your team has.

A roving trainer can offer advice on the best approach to take, specific to each user.

Call in an expert Microsoft roving trainer to visit your workplace.

Whoever needs assistance can get specific, individual, help and advice. It's a fantastic opportunity for everyone to resolve their personal Microsoft issues, niggles and gripes.

When people need training but are too busy to attend a course, this is the perfect tradeoff.

When staff members are at different levels or have unique questions, each person can get the help they need, whatever level they're at, without judgement. 

Some might only need a few minutes. Others may require an hour or two.

The organiser can decide whether to allocate each staff member a set time slot or be more flexible and just let it play out on the day. The roving trainer can work around your schedule.