Training Materials & Certificate

Training manual best in class

Comprehensive Training Manual

Training manuals are available to download with permission to print-on-demand for free.

If you would prefer to receive physical training manuals, they are available for $30 per copy (which covers the cost of printing and binding at a professional printer), plus $12 postage and packaging, if applicable.

Most manuals contain approximately 150-200 pages, when printed.

Each manual is professionally bound with wire coil and protected with a frosted clear 250 micron presentation cover and leathergrain rear cover, so that it won't fall apart with constant use.

While the trainers do not go through the manual page by page (that style of training is really boring and you may as well just purchase the manual and teach yourself), everything that is covered by the trainer is explained in the manual.

The manual is a comprehensive reference that will serve you well after the training is done.  Open up any page in our manuals and you'll find concisely-written step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions and lots of pictures.

We believe you shouldn't have to wade through lots of words to discover what you need. Get straight to the point. 

It pleases us immensely when we revisit a customer for another round of training and find the training manuals from the previous session laying open on a desk, covered in highlighter and looking dog-eared and scruffy because they've been referred to endlessly.

Certificate of Completion

Okay, so you've reached the end of the day. You've worked hard, learnt lots and if you would like one, you can request a certificate of completion. These are sent electronically via email.

For some people, the certificate is all they come for (just kidding).

Others couldn't give a hoot.

But we think it's nice. We think you've earned it. No pomp and ceremony. Just a simple token of our appreciation to say thanks for attending and a small memento of your accomplishment.