My name is Jason Morrell. Submit project and I will build, fix or complete it for you

Hi I'm Jason.

I'm the guy they sneak in the back door to fix up botched jobs, beat deadlines and save the day.

I offer training, coaching and consulting and I am here to help you get your project DONE.

A project can be a simple troubleshooting exercise that might only take 1-2 hours, or a comprehensive overhaul of a large document, spreadsheet or slide deck.  


Please read through all the information in this section first. Then if if you believe this is something you would benefit from, follow the steps laid out below.


Click the green button above. Provide clear instructions about what you need. Do not write a thesis but provide enough detail for me to get a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve. If you are able and have permission, attach any relevant files (or a sample with sensitive info removed). 


I will contact you

I will be in touch by email, normally within 24 hours on standard workdays. Depending on the complexity of the project I may need to schedule a short virtual meeting on Zoom or Teams to clarify any ambiguities, outcomes and expectations.


I will provide you with an estimate

I will provide you with a written estimate of how long I think the project will take and a fixed project pricePreferential rates will be given for longer projects. 

If I exceed my time estimate, that's on me and you won't be charged a cent more. If I finish sooner, you only pay for the actual time I invested, so the options are in your favour. 

The scope of the project and your specific requirements will be put into writing and agreed upon before the project goes ahead. If the scope changes as the project progresses, the project cost and timeframe may need to be revisited. 

Short projects (1 day or less), can be completed 'with you' over Zoom or Teams or 'for you'. a deposit is paid prior to the You only pay on completion, if you are 100% satisfied. 

Longer projects (2 days or more), will be completed 'for you' remotely. I will check in where further clarification or a decision is required. The capped price will be divided into 3 equal instalments.


  • The first instalment is required prior to commencement of the project. 
  • The second instalment is required at the halfway point.
  • The third instalment is required on completion / sign-off..

Remember, what takes me an hour or two might take you several days or weeks! 

You'll discover I'm very direct. My yes means yes, and my no means no. I won't mess you around and I will go that extra mile. I hope we'll be a good match. I get joy from getting results..

If you pull the pin prior to completion, any outstanding hours worked must be paid for.