Microsoft Project Courses

Microsoft Project Courses

We're sorry, but we no longer run Microsoft Project courses. Here's why. 

Reason 1: Everything about Project is expensive

Maintaining Project licenses, purchasing courseware and paying for good Project trainers costs a big chunk of money and we can no longer justify the cost against the low demand for Project training. 

Reason 2: Good Project trainers are rare

Project is a specialised skill. It takes years to really understand the nuances of managing Project properly. Sure, some trainers put themselves forwards as Project specialists after reading a book. We have always invested more to get the best people, but those people are becoming harder to find. 

Reason 3: Good Project trainers are booked out for the next 3 months

Because we use the best people, trainers are often booked out for the next 3+ months and prospective clients nearly always want their training NOW. It has become increasingly difficult to match trainer and client.

Reason 4: Project finally has some competition

While Project is certainly a powerful,  professional piece of kits, other software has entered the market over the last few years to give Microsoft Project a good run for its money, including many web-based alternatives.

Jump onto Google and conduct some research.

We wish you all the best, whatever course of action you decide to take..