Microsoft Word Courses

Microsoft Word Courses

Whether you write short letters, company reports, procedures manuals or books, we've got you covered

Beginners Word Course  (1 Day)

If you have never used Microsoft Word (or have used it very little) then this 1 day beginners Word course show you how to put together a simple but well presented document that taps into powerful Word tools such as text editing, images, tables and bullets and numbered lists.

By the end of this 1 day course you'll be able to create, edit, save, retrieve and print your work.

Intermediate Level Word Course  (1 Day)

If you know the basics of Microsoft Word and can find your way around, this course will take you deeper into the program. You'll discover hidden features and techniques that you'll want to start using straight away.

Your productivity will rise as you stop going round in circles, reduce 10-step processes to a couple of clicks and start segmenting, manipulating and formatting your document in clever ways.

If you follow the advice given in this intermediate Word course, you will inevitably and naturally start to produce better documents that are better laid out, more consistent and easier to maintain.

Advanced Word Course  (1 Day)

If you are an experienced Word user who creates or maintains large documents, and you want to master top-end features like table of contents, styles, indexes, bookmarks, cross referencing and fields, then this advanced Word course is perfectly suited to you.

The course will fill in your knowledge gaps and arm you with a fistful of new tools that will add the final polish and efficiency to your documents.

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