Microsoft Access Courses

Microsoft Access Courses

We're sorry, but our Microsoft Access courses have now been decommissioned. Here's why. 

Reason 1: Access is outdated and rarely used today

Back in the 90's and early 2000's,  Access was a popular database option but is rarely used by businesses any more. Where it is still used, it is usually to maintain legacy systems until they are replaced. New Access database builds are uncommon.

Reason 2: Access knowledge is rare

Access is a specialised skill. It takes years to really understand the nuances of databases. You might have an Access guru in your organisation but what happens when they move on. It leaves a gaping hole. You can teach people the basics but it's often not enough to keep the machine running smoothly.

Reason 3: Microsoft Access is dangerous in the wrong hands!

Databases take a big investment of time and brainpower to design and build properly, and then maintain. While staff can be trained in their use, when something out of the ordinary happens or when a small change is made that inadvertently impacts other areas of the database, things can unravel really quickly.

Reason 4: In many cases, Excel is a good substitute

Many of the databases and reports we have seen over the years could be just as easily created in Excel, with a bit of restructuring. Excel is easier to learn. Many people already use it and Excel knowledge is widespread. 

Reason 5: Many Access specialists have moved on

We haven't had a request to train Access for at least the last 6 years. Our Access Developers (and we've heard of others too) have chosen to re-skill and move into other areas, so support is becoming harder to find and very expensive.

We strongly advise against building a new Access database, and if you have existing databases you may want to think about migrating to an alternative. There are many web-based alternatives. Jump onto Google and conduct some research. We wish you all the best.