Customise Your Training Course (For Free)

Learn what you need. Skip what you know.

Our standard courses have been designed with you in mind. Over time they have evolved to include the most popular, most relevant and most useful content that will benefit you.

Nine times out of ten, a standard course is exactly what you need.

However, there are are times when you want to focus on particular feature-sets or topics that are important for a project you're working on or that have proven to be a weak area for people in your company.

If that's you, we encourage you to select the topics you want to cover, let us know and we'll craft a unique custom course just for you. You can select topics from different courses or even different programs. Own it. Make it yours.

We can guide you if you're not sure. We'll help you select suitable content that fits your timeframe and objectives.

If it's practical and you think it would be useful, you can send us some of the documents, spreadsheets etc. that you use. This will help us to see how you do things and how you set things up. We can even use the files during the training to make it even more useful for those attending.

On the training day, the trainer will always engage the group to confirm that the course schedule is relevant and on-target. We focus purely on your needs and goals. The direction of the training is entirely flexible.