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Briefly describe your situation and what you are trying to achieve. I'll let you know if I can help and what your best options are.

Hi, I'm Jason. 

I'm here to help you whatever level you're at and whatever state your work is currently in!

I can shortcut the process and solve your problem quickly.

With a fresh set of eyes and using my experience and expertise, I can often pinpoint the source of the problem straight away.

If I can't, I know where to start digging.

If I cannot solve your problem, there is no charge.

Click the Reach Out button above or below then describe your problem and optionally, upload a file.

Everything you provide is treated confidentially but you should take sensible precautions to remove any sensitive information first. If you require a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to be signed, we are happy to do so (as explained in section 14 of our privacy statement).

It costs you nothing for me to take a look. 

If I am able to help I will lay out my initial findings, expected timeframe and pricing.

If you decide to proceed, I may contact you again to work through the finer details.

I can deliver a solution in one of two ways - done-with-you or done-for-you

Done-with-you means that I undertake the task in real time with you watching and providing input, giving direction, asking questions etc. Some people prefer to drive the computer, which is fine. In that case I will give clear directions and you can execute. 

Done-for-you is much more hands-off. If you just want something done quickly but you're not interested in HOW it's done, then this option is perfect for you. I work a lot quicker this way. If you want, I'll write notes to explain what I have done in case you need to make further changes down the track.

Remember, what takes me an hour or two might take you several days or weeks. 

Let me save you hours of fruitless Googling, dead ends and the endless cycle of frustration you've probably already been through!

If you have a larger project (3 to 100+ hours) that you've been sitting on for months or years, I'd be happy to take it on. I specialise in building, fixing and completing projects for clients all over the world. I get them done in a fraction of the time it would take you and without any loose ends.

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