Quick Return On Your Investment (ROI)

Our premium training gets you BIG results,
provides excellent value for money and brings
BIG returns on your investment almost immediately

You want to get a BIG return on your investment

Training is an investment.

An investment of your time and an investment of your money.

You're understandably a little nervous and you want re-assurance that your investment will reap dividends.

You want to increase your staff productivity and company profits while simultaneously reducing task completion time and stress.

You will achieve all these things and more. Your investment will not only pay for itself in no time, but it will keep paying out day after day, week after week, year after year.


We focus on getting you results

At Two Rivers Software Training we focus on getting you BIG RESULTS.

We only use the very best trainers. All are Microsoft Certified and have many years of industry and training experience.

We also tailor the training to make it as useful and relevant as we can.

We give you all the course files to take home so you can practice again PLUS the working solutions so you can check your answers or find out what to do if you get stuck.

And talking of getting stuck, you get an awesome lifeline that helps you get unstuck.

Support is available after the course

... for as long as you need it.

... for free.

So you see, we do everything we can to make your training experience as valuable as possible.

And what's more ...

less Cost, more value

Where you'd expect to sink around $400 per person when you send them off to a training centre, our pricing is calculated on a per-day basis rather than a per-person basis, meaning you get more for your money.

To get a quote and more information about receiving training where you are. It takes about 30 seconds to answer 3 quick questions.