Everything You Need to Know About Two Rivers Software Training

Delivering Game-Changing Microsoft training
direct to your workplace or home

The best thing about Two Rivers Software Training is we come to you, set up  computers at your venue and deliver hyper-effective training

No travel stresses - We come to you

A qualified subject expert will travel to your venue wherever you are.

This means that your teams or different groups of staff within your organisation can come to work as usual and receive onsite training in one or more Microsoft courses in your boardroom or designated meeting room

If your organisation or business falls within this circle, we can bring laptops & mice

Two Rivers is based on the Gold Coast and while we work mostly in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas, we will still drive to locations from Coffs Harbour to Wide Bay Burnett, Redlands to Toowoomba / Warwick / Dalby. 

If your organisation or business falls within this circle, we can drive to you.

Laptops and mice can be provided for anyone who needs them.

Another great thing about Two Rivers Software Training is if your organisation or business falls within this circle, we can drive to you
We can fly to you anywhere in Australia

If you are further afield, we can fly to your location

For regional, central or north QLD or anywhere outside Queensland, as long as there are flights running, we can come to you. 

The key difference is that participants must have their own laptops.

Choose a day and time that works for you

We throw open our calendars and allow you to pick a day that fits with your schedule.

You can also specify what time you would like to start.

About Two Rivers: We do away with a training schedule and let you choose your own training day(s)
About Two Rivers: Training manual best in class

Training manuals & course files

A soft copy (pdf) of the training manuals are provided for free. You have full permission to print copies for your staff on demand or place on your servers where your staff can access them.

Course files (with solutions) are given to each participant to work on and keep.

The thing about Two Rivers is that our content, our selected topics and our delivery have all evolved over time based on what resonates with our students.

The manuals have concise, step-by-step instructions that are easy-to-follow. We regularly encounter clients who we trained several years prior who proudly show us their dog-eared manuals that have been referred to endlessly.

Printed manuals can be provided for $30 per copy. 

Professionally bound with strong wire coil and protected with a 250 micron presentation cover, these manuals are designed to last for years. Most manuals are between 150 and 200 pages long.

Personal, flexible, friendly service

You get training from one of our small team of highly qualified Microsoft trainers.

Being smaller means we're more flexible and can you give you more attention. Another benefit of choosing Two Rivers.

You can choose from a carefully selected range of courses (the ones that matter) or ask us to put together a custom course with your chosen topics. 

Just like the service you used to get with your family grocer.

Friendly service just like you used to get with your fruit and veg grocer. That's the thing about Two Rivers
number 1 (one)

You are our only client (no pesky outsiders)

Your staff will have exclusive access to the instructor.

You will have our undivided attention.

It will be a closed group session.

The point is, you have the spotlight. You have the opportunity to ask questions. The agenda is crafted around what you your group needs.

Here's the thing about Two Rivers: You get free ongoing support, forever

After the training, participants have access to free ongoing support. Think of it like a 'get-out-of-jail-free' card or a phone-a-friend lifeline.

We sometimes get contacted by people who attended a course several years prior and help them to get over a hurdle.

One thing that's very different about Two Rivers Software Training is we provide help and advice whenever you need it for as long as you need it.
About Two Rivers: Cancelled! We will never cancel a course

Courses are never cancelled

Unlike most other training providers who cancel course dates because they didn't make the minimum quota, we never cancel.

Qualified, experienced, approachable instructors

You benefit from getting one of our carefully vetted training - the best in the business.

All are MS Master Instructors or MS Certified Trainers who have a passed rigorous examination, have a passion for teaching and a chunk of real-world experience behind them.

Patient, professional and adaptable.

One on one private computer tuition
Up arrow - onwards and upwards

Onwards and Upwards

  • Master new features
  • Discover new tools
  • Blast through your sticking points
  • Inject fresh ideas into your day-to-day work
  • Complete tasks in 1 or 2 steps instead of ten
  • Slash your workload
  • Produce elegant solutions effortlessly

Become insanely great

Do you want to be insanely great at Excel, PowerPoint, Word or any of the other Microsoft Office programs?

To make them work for you instead of spending countless hours chasing your tail?

Discover just what these programs are capable of.

The exciting thing about Two Rivers is that we know the quickest way to get you there. The shortest path to the goal.

Become insanely great at what you do.
Take your existing knowledge, find the missing pieces and complete the picture

Find the missing pieces.
Complete your knowledge.

Like many people, youÂ’re probably frustrated because no matter how hard you try, you realise you still have lots of gaps in your knowledge and you've wasted so much precious time trying to piece together the pieces.

What if you could ...

  • ... find the missing pieces and complete the puzzle?
  • ... find quicker, smarter ways to get things done?
  • ... get specific answers to your questions?
  • ... get the info YOU need, quickly?

The perfect pace

The trainers are very good at identifying where the groups is at and pitching the training at the right level.

Often that means switching topics around or spending longer on particular areas to provide the most relevant training to move everyone forward.

People will not be left behind and will not be bored by things they already know.

About Two Rivers: We pitch the pace just right
About Two Rivers: We'll teach you how to create neat solutions, effortlessly

Produce neat solutions, effortlessly

Instead of trying to jam square pegs into round holes, you will find that by applying just a handful of your new skills, you can produce neat, simple and slick solutions to your existing problems.


Pricing is calculated on your location , the number of attendees and your specific training requirements.